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#TBT Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer - How Seiko Replaced a LegendToday's edition of #TBT analyses a watch from a single of our own favorite brands, however it is an article that few discuss as well as mention. The Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer is a watch that I'd admired from afar for many years lastly made a decision to buy - and I'm glad I have done. Coming from a brand containing issued its share of attractive and, let's just contact them, busy quartz chronographs, I'd count this tubing the first kind.Studying the original Seiko Yacht TimerIn earlier 1980's, Seiko introduced the 7A28 caliber because the world's first analog quartz chronograph (we considered a 7A38 with date function). The emblem created seriously styled stainless versions, gold plated variants, and in some cases attached with Giugiaro to create some funky 7A28's that found their distance to Aliens. However it is one watch, and consider mtss is a preview of your article into the future, from the series that seems to garner the most praise: the Seiko 7A28 Yacht Timer. Pre-loaded with the identical movement as the remaining portion of the lineup, the watch combines adequate bright color using a white dial, massive pushers that has a small crown, plus a refreshingly traditional case. My example is shown above, pre-restoration, and you will be covered upon its return, but let's turn our care about the legend's successor, the Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer.The Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer was introduced in the 90'sIn early 1990's, Seiko turned its focus on setting up a a great deal more focused set of regatta timers. Whereas the first Yacht Timer was nothing but a 7A28 with the right color scheme, the Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer was created to time races. Now, I'm going to be very frank with you…ever since scuttling a crappy Hobie Cat somewhere in the Keys when he was 12 while with a summer Sea camp, I've cared little for sailing. The memories of being lost, hopping out of this boat with a buddy, swimming by having a bay to the seawall, and being forced to climb a protection fence to go to closest building to phone for help have left me cold for the "sport". And although I can't even make an effort to explain the principles of competitive sailing, it does not keep me from admiring the replica watches utilised in the activity. In sailing, the aim of the watch is centered on the countdown and ensuring one guides the boat as fast as possible to your start line at exactly the correct time. Therefore, this function is key.The 8M35 movement (photo from user "Sudsy" on stripersonline.com)The Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer is a lot more "digital" than the 7A28With the creation of the Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer, patek philippe watches for men the company installed a fresh four jewel quartz movement called - you guessed it - the 8M35. Unlike the 7A28 that felt a little more mechanical operational with traditional pushers and time setting crown, the 8M35 uses its crown more to be a selection tool (for just a go through the original instructions head here). To use normal position, the crown might be moved on or backward this also changes the mode on the watch. The mode is shown inside the lower register and it is highlighted by a black triangular hand that outlines the pie-shaped mode indicator. With time mode, setting some time is done by pulling the crown out one-stop and after that using the two pushers to switch the hour and minute hands. Setting 15/10/5 modes moves the needle-like hand to your appropriate countdown area about the upper track. Then, the upper pusher stops and starts the timer as well as the lower resets. The typical timer provides for a countdown aim of around Half an hour as well as the "Match 0" function allows both of your hands to get reset to 12:00.A properly Built and Rugged Watch…Using the Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer is usually a neat experience. It's entirely analog but feels digital. And, yes, I am aware that your highly affordable Casio are capable of doing the task easily and likely might have extremely popular 90's. Still, you will find neat about toying around with a jeweled movement that only works. Additional thing I admire regarding the Yacht Timer can it be pulls in the reasonable quantity of functional complexity to a simple, but (I believe) highly attractive package. The dial combines the common yachting timer colors of red and blue and all things are highly legible. Plus watches , gold breitling having a tough-looking plastic and metal rotating 60 minute bezel, the watch appears like it could possibly endure the common knocking around that likely occurs on the boat. Note the slightly blue shade with the index surround for the 5-minute countdown marker (otherwise, known as 11:00). Initially, I assumed this has been dial damage, however it is on every one I viewed. Also, note the Daini symbol on the bottom on the dial an incident back Proof that still belongs in the vintage category.My sole complaint together with the Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer is to use its spindly minutes hand. For countdown timing, I understand its size because hand would need to fit inside the small-scale around the upper area of the dial, nevertheless it makes everyday time telling somewhat of a hunt. On the other half "hand", I like the slim look of both your hands. TAG Heuer They may not be overdone or overbearing design wise - something which most advanced watch designers seemingly have trouible with today.A snug and Thin Tool WatchAt a hair under 40mm, the fully stainless Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer wears wonderfully. Despite a water proof of 150M as well as a stated anti magnetic rating of 60 Gauss, the Seiko is definitely an thin watch. Even barely domed Hardlex sits below the bezel. Certainly, a quartz movement enables this, but it tends to make an extremely slick wear within a shirtsleeve. Match it up with to, say, a contemporary Panerai Regatta and also the difference is amazing. On its original 20mm rubber strap, the watch is lightweight and comfy. Admittedly, though, Which i put it on on leather or perhaps a NATO.The Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer is Available…and AffordableIf you've got a relatively keen eye, you'll remember that the truly cool caseback on the Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer shows remnants of your sticker. This became likely there when purchased this guide you may still check this out helps prove this watch was rarely worn. I picked this watch up on eBay for similar to $180 and at any given time, there's usually one in nice shape available for sale. Pricing ranges from $150 - 350 and replica watches are normally found, correctly, with a blue or black bezel. Now, in case you are whatsoever trainees of the Seiko game, you know that a 7A28 Yacht Timer now costs anywhere from around $800 - 1500 dependant upon condition and of sale. I won't even make an effort to convince you that the 8M35 can be as purely attractive since it's forbearer or the movement is nearly as good, but to me this represents one heck of a deal on a very quirky, innovative and functional 27 year-old Seiko.Vintage Seiko is hot today and i also be aware that most people, including me, choose the mechanical side. Still, though, a watch just like the Seiko 8M35 Yacht Timer adds enough character and mechanical functionality to make it an intriguing buy - then one you may not see at every watch meetup. It avoids the cheesy "throwaway" appearance of quartz watchs with the 80's and 90's which consists of specifics too. Take a peek; this Yacht Timer is just one of those "cheap and cheerful" packages to obtain from the mail. Until next weekThe 8M35 movement (photo thanks to user "Sudsy" on stripersonline.com)